Hazardous Materials: Classification, protection, and handling

Interview with Dr. Hans-Peter Fröhlich, Head of the Chemical Reactions and Measurement Technology Department, BGHW - German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Trade and Distribution Industry


Photo: A man with glasses - Hans-Peter Fröhlich; Copyright: Dr. Hans-Peter Fröhlich

Dr. Hans-Peter Fröhlich

Photo: A person wearing a safety helmet and protective gloves welds steel with a circular saw, spraying sparks, in a factory; Copyright: envato/romankosolapov

Workers need to be aware of the potentially hazardous substances they could be exposed to on the job. That way, appropriate protective clothing can be worn.

Photo: A person wearing a yellow safety helmet cuts wood on a work surface; Copyright: envato/fxquadro

Even when handling wood, it is important to check whether hazardous substances could be released in order to protect workers.

 Photo: protective gloves for the workplace; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann

Personal protective equipment like protective gloves can be an important factor to keep employees safe while working with various materials.

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