Visitor statements A+A 2023

David Goossens, Bayer AG, Wuppertal, Deutschland
At Bayer AG, David Goossens is responsible for the site fire department. He has appointments with German companies, like Dräger. For the safety expert, the approvals that are necessary for Germany are particularly important, which is why the cooperation with local suppliers has proven itself. He reflects on the development of the market: "I clearly notice that the influence from Asia is increasing. The impression is reflected when walking through the halls, as many Asian companies can be seen. Since I'm responsible for the safety of the plant fire department, I look out for innovations at A+A that improve our standards."
Sim Kok Ming and Jonathan Sim, Remix Technologies SDN BHD, Malaysia
The colleagues from Malaysia visit the fair for the second time. In Germany they meet UVEX, their most important business partner. Remix Technologies SDN BHD is the distributor of UVEX.
Sim Kok Ming explains: "In all of Europe, Germany is the most important market for us. We want to stay up to date, also regarding regulations and new laws, because the differences to Malaysia are very big." "We also want to find out about new products and suppliers," adds Jonathan Sim. The team will be at A+A for the entire duration of the show to intensify contacts and meet new business partners.
Alexander and Markus, GDELS Steyr, Austria and Mark, GDELS Mowag GmbH, Switzerland
The three visitors belong to an international defense group, but work in different divisions at different locations. The focus within the group is on the development and production of special vehicles and the service sector. Alexander explains the objective of the trade fair visit: "We look after the areas of environmental management, health protection and safety. Accordingly, our trade show agenda is extensive. A+A is ideal for us because we can find contacts for almost all concerns." Marcus adds, "We are looking at service providers for cleaning, repairs of gloves, for example, training and software and IT. Companies that help us with innovative processes and products are attractive. We even keep a close eye on approaches that are still in the development process, as this gives us a glimpse into the future."
Julia Pertzsch, Melanie Schuetz Sicherheitsbeauftragte, Bayer AG, Germany
The two safety specialists have just arrived at the trade show for a day's stay and are orienting themselves as to which hall they will visit next. Melanie Schuetz explains, "We are both responsible for laboratory safety and would like to gain new insights into how we can further improve our working environment." The colleagues also arranged to meet colleagues from the Wuppertal plant. Melanie Schuetz knows the trade show from last time and says: "I'm particularly excited about the size and the internationality. The last time I visited the trade show two years ago, I was looking for safety knives, which were subsequently also introduced in our lab. The range of special equipment is very good at A+A."
Stanley Chan, Metal Processing Specialist, Bright Chans Enterprise Co. Ltd, Taiwan City, Taiwan
It is the first visit to A+A for Stanley Chan and he is thrilled: "All the important companies, all the global players, come together here. For me, it's an opportunity to present my products to many companies in a short time. The visitor, who comes from Taiwan, is well prepared for the fair: "I have product samples of my "aluminum brackets for helmets" with me, so I can directly show what I produce and prove the quality." He has come to Germany for a week for the fair and also appreciates the opportunity here to find out about the wide range of products offered by others.
Robert Dornhofer, Sicherheitstechniker, Wiener Linien, Austria
The Austrian safety engineer is at the A+A trade show for the first time with colleagues and is impressed by the range of exhibitors. On all four days, he wants to meet companies and get an overview of innovations and make new business contacts to expand his network. Specifically, he is looking for three things: A respirator, a safety vest with ventilation holes, and a special luminous green armband. He has already found the first two products and is thus very satisfied with his visit to the trade fair.
Andrea Klughammer, Government Inspector, Andreas Unger, Government Inspector, Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration, Munich, Germany
The Munich-based occupational safety experts are at A+A for the first time. Andreas Unger says: "I work as a fire safety officer at the State Ministry. We have scheduled a day for the trade fair, because A+A is a must-attend event for us as the world's leading trade fair for occupational safety and health." In addition to a general tour with lots of inspiration, specific points of contact are also on the agenda. Ms. Klughammer explains the plan: "In Hall 5, there is its special show on desksharing. Since this concept of new working plays a role in our company, I will inform myself there. I'm also interested in the wide range of training providers."
Susanne Michels, Head of Occupational Safety Department and Frank Mescheder and CEO Marissa Werner, Safety Engineer SIFAS GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany
SIFAS GmbH is an engineering company and is available to companies, regardless of industry or size, as a service provider for fire and occupational safety. Frank Mescheder says: "The A+A is very important for us and a standard event. Everything we deal with professionally can be found here. That's why almost our entire team is on site." Susanne Michels talks about the focus of the trade show visit: "We see our focus this year on exoskeletons, virtual training rooms and topics around ergonomics in the workplace and software solutions." Marissa Werner adds: "As a service provider, we have a close eye on where our clientele's needs lie, which is why we're inspired to integrate innovative ideas into our work."